Anjali's God Father

Anjali got good days once again in Telugu industry. She is grabbing handsome opportunities in both Telugu and Tamil. Mainly she is being encouraged by Kona Venkat and coming back onto track. Kona gave Anjali an opportunity for Geetanjali and Kona was highly impressed with her acting and recommended for Balayya-Srivas film.

Kona also being one of the writers for that film gave Anjali that opprtunity to romance with Balayya. Now Anjali was given another opportunity by Kona in Sankarabharanam which is produced by him. Kona designed a special charater especially for Anjali, says the news from the T Town. Finally Anjali's God Father is making a right track for Anjali in a smooth way but it is in her hands to make it or not.

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Date published: Tuesday, June 30, 2015, 06:39 PM


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