Harish Rao's Sarcasm..

Telangana's Minister for Irrigation, Mining & Geology, Marketing & Legislative Affairs Harish Rao has targeted the opposition on Paalamuru-Ranga Reddy, Nakkalagandi myethipothala projects. He also stated his strong belief and hopes in making out these projects successful for Telangana people.

Where as A.P's Irrigation Minister Devineni Uma stated that there are no valid permissions upon these projects. But, Harish Rao encountered to A.P's Minister by his style of sarcasm that Chandra Babu and Devineni Uma should be ashamed on starting the Pattiseema, Polavaram projects without the required permissions, TDP is the only party who doesn't want a project to be constructed for drinking water purpose. He did also throwed an open challenge for TDP to give explaination on Paalamuru project.

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Date published: Saturday, June 13, 2015, 12:30 PM


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