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Superstar Rajinikanth’s much-awaited film Kaala has finally hit the screens today. Ever since the trailer and posters have released, it has doubled the expectations for the audience and let\'s see whether it managed to hog the limelight or not.  




Cast and crew:


Starring: Rajinikanth, Huma Qureshi, Nana Patekar


Director: Pa. Ranjith


Producers: Dhanush


Music Director: Santhosh Narayanan


Cinematographer: G. Murali Vardhan


Editor: Sreekar Prasad







The story starts with the introduction or Kaala(Rajinikanth) as a demigod in the Dharavi slum area of Mumbai. While many corporate companies try to make them move from the slum and build new age constructions in that area but Kaala and his group always stop it from happening. But the tables turned with the entry of Hari Das (Nana Patekar). The war starts between rich and poor and Kaala comes out victorious in his mission and saves Dharavi and its people from being the soft target of people like Hari Das. 




After a long time, Rajinikanth is seen in a fierce role and the usual swag of Rajini is a major asset to the film. Even at this age, the actor pulls off the fight and romantic scenes with a swag. The confrontation scenes between Nana Patekar and Rajini is top class.  The things turned into gripping and interesting when both the actors start confronting each other. Nana Patekar gets a powerful role as the Maharashtrian minister.  Huma Qureshi gets a very interesting character and Eshwari, who plays Rajini’s wife in the film gives a tremendous performance. Her role has been written quite well and works in the favor of the film. The interval and police station scene in the second half will definitely give goosebumps to the audience. The biggest drawback is the slow narration of the film. The story of the film is ages old and has been tried in several Hindi films in the past. 


Technical Aspects:


The specially erected set Dharavi in Chennai is the biggest asset to the film. The camera work looks realistic. Santosh Narayanan needs to be credited for his tunes. Dialogues are good, but editing is okay. Coming to the director Pa Ranjith, he has lived up to the expectations of Rajini fans this time. He shows him as the demigod of the masses who always helps the poor. Even though he managed to showcase Rajini in a good manner, his narration like in all his films is a bit slow and takes forever to pick up. 




On a whole, Kaala is a serious revolutionary drama which is a treat to his fans. Rajini and Nana Patekar steal the show and they are the main attraction in the film. Though the film is a bit slow, Rajini managed to hog the limelight with his presence and made it interesting for the fans.

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Date published: Thursday, June 07, 2018, 09:29 PM
3.5 / 5 stars
nana patekar
Music Director: Santhosh narayan
Producer: NV prasad
Directed by: Ranj8th
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