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Ravi Teja is back again with another commercial entertainer, which titled as Nela Ticket. Directed by the talented and young director Kalyan Krishna, the film has finally hit the screens amidst huge expectations. Let\'s see whether it impressed the audience or not. 




The story starts with the introduction of Nela Ticket (Ravi Teja) who is an orphan but always helps the people who are in need. One day, while dealing with a small issue, he ends up beating the goons of home minister Aditya Bhupati (Jagapathi Babu). This leads to a huge fight between the duo and it turns worse after the serious flashback between the duo gets revealed. The rest of the story forms, what is the fight between Ravi Teja and Jagapathi Babu? What happens next? To get answers to these questions, you need to watch the film at theaters. 



Plus Points :


As usual Ravi Teja gave his best and a power-packed performance. His comedy timing, aggression, and body language used by the director in a proper way. Jagapathi Babu proved his mettle once again and impressed the audience as the corrupt minister. The interval bang where the flashback is revealed is just okay and the director has focused much on it. Anchor Kaumudi gets a meaty role and did well in her role. The chasing sequence in the second half steals the show. 


Minus Points: 


The screenplay is the biggest disadvantage to the film. Few scenes seem logicless and with many loopholes. The length of the film is another painful thing in the story and after a point in time in the first half, the audience will easily get irritated to it a bit. The emotions showcased in the second half are completely forced with 80’s theme of storytelling.


Technical Aspects:


The production values of the film are just average and the music composed by Shakti Kanth might be better. The camerawork is decent as it shows some fights in a decent light. Dialogues are okay, but the editing might be a bit better. Coming to the director Kalyan Krishna, it is very surprising to see a man who made films like Soggade and Rarandoi directed this film with a lot of loopholes and logicless scenes. Except for some emotions which showcase the senior citizens, not even a single episode in the film makes sense. 




The director tried to present a commercial entertainer with a routine story and the film might be a blockbuster if he has focused on making the routine story into interesting and funny. The film is a must watch for Ravi Teja fans as he did a sincere attempt through it.

PB Rating : 3.5/5

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Date published: Friday, May 25, 2018, 08:30 PM
3.5 / 5 stars
Ravi Teja
Malvika Sharma
Jagapati Babu
Music Director: Shakthi Kanth Karthick
Producer: Ram Talluri
Directed by: Kalyan Krishna
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