127 B Creating Bahubali impact

While a large amount of focus from the cine buffs is on the Tollywood movies, there is a sub industry which has been growing gradually and establishing its own market. We are talking about the Deccani cinema or more commonly known as the Hyderabadi cinema. To those who are not aware, films from this circuit have strong demand across the globe.

Now, one movie has created an impact which is on par with what the magnum opus ‘Baahubali’ created across the nation and various countries. The film is ‘127 B’ which is the first horror comedy in this industry . This is helmed by Dr.Seshu KMR  who made his debut as a filmmaker.  Seshu KMR has been part of the industry since nearly two decades and is the sought after name for Music Direction & Sound Design and end-to-end post production works in Indian film industry . Starring Aziz naser, Mast Ali and DC Srivastav produced by Harish Chandak under Playback Entertainment. 

The film is trending on Youtube and unlike the conventional views of 15k to 20k on the first day, ‘127 B’ created a phenomenal impact. It clocked a whopping 5 lakh views in just 48 hours which is a new record. The viewer data reveals a major part of patronage is coming from foreign countries. During the time of its release, we gave a forecast this is going to be a game changer and going by the momentum \'127 B\' is creating presently, our prediction was right. This is indeed a good sign ‘127 B’ is creating History in Deccan Cinema.

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Date published: Friday, April 20, 2018, 03:42 AM


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