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After bagged failure with Akhil, Akkineni Nagarjuna's younger son Akhil is back again with another interesting movie Hello. Directed by Vikram K Kumar, the trailer has been receiving a positive response from everywhere and finally, the movie released today. Let's check out the review: 


Sreenu (Akhil) is an orphan and deeply likes his childhood friend Junnu (Kalyani). She also likes Sreenu much. One day, suddenly Junnu moves to Delhi and gives him her phone number. But he loses that number and waits for her for the past 13 years. The rest of the story forms, how they meet each other? What happens next?

Plus points: 

The first half is one of the biggest advantages of this movie. The director managed to carry the same feeling from beginning to interval, without any clumsiness. He builds the family emotions in an interesting manner. Few scenes with Akhil, Ramya Krishna and Jagapathi Babu will make the audience cry. The director has presented the childhood love story of the lead pair in a brilliant way.

Akhil finally proved his mettle with this movie. From stunts, dances, and emotions the actor gave his best and did justice to the role.  Another biggest advantage is the technical team. Anup Rubens completely steals the show. The action stunts in the first half look realistic, PC Vinod's camera work is fantastic. 

Minus Points: 

The director failed to show the love magic and romantic track between the couple. The director didn't show much togetherness between and audience might feel bore in some scenes, as they look artificial. He can present the climax in the more interesting way and he can add some emotional content to it. 

Technical team: 

Though Vikram chose for a simple story, he managed to present it in an interesting way. He portrayed the love between the couple since childhood and emotional angle in it. Hollywood stuntman Bob Brown's action sequences are good. 

Anup Rubens music is good. He is biggest asset to this movie. Praveen Pudi editing is good. PS Vinod's cinematography is top notch. The production values are good. 

Final Verdict: 

Finally, the day has arrived for Akhil fans. Vikram's Hello gave the much-needed success to this young hero of Akkineni family. The actor finally proved himself with his fantastic performance especially in emotional scenes. Though the director failed to present the proper love between the couple, he managed to spell his magic. 


PB Rating : 3.5/5

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Date published: Friday, December 22, 2017, 07:26 PM
3.5 / 5 stars
kalyani priyadarshi
Music Director: anoop
Producer: nagarjuna
Directed by: vikram k kumar
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