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After bagging a failure with Naruda Donaruda, Sumanth is back with a romantic entertainer Malli Raava, which is a Gautam Tinnanuri directorial. The movie has released today and let's see whether the movie has reached the expectations or not. 


Karthik (Sumanth) fall in love with his classmate Anjali (Akanksha Singh) during his 9th standard. But his parents shouts on him and Anjali parents moved to another city. Karthik still loves Anjali and one day she comes to the same office, where Karthik works after 13 years. Anjali also starts loving him and wants to marry him. But suddenly, she left him, saying that she didn't want to marry him. After some time, she again comes back to Karthik. The rest of the story forms, why Anjali leaves Karthik? Why she again comes back to him? Did he accept her? To get answers to all these elements, one needs to watch the movie in theaters. 


Plus Points: 

One of the biggest pluses is the way director Gautam, has presented the love story on screen. The audience will definitely feel the freshness of the love story between the lead actors. He presented the purity in Karthik's love on screen and the way he deals with the situations. When comes to heroine role, how she keeps on checking her love because of the family pressures and stays away Karthik. 

Director Gautam succeeded in mixing all the elements and has written a fantastic screenplay. The story of their childhood, emotional scenes and the sequence where heroine leaves hero and the climax will make the audience shed their tears. Sumanth gave a fantastic performance and undoubtedly, it is one of the best in his career. Heroine Akanksha Singh and Abhinav who acted as hero's friend's performance is fantastic. 


Minus Points: 

The minus in this movie is slow narration in few scenes, from start till the end in the first half, there is a lot of drama and director might have cut it in half. There are only a few nail-biting scenes and the director might have focused more on the emotions in hero's character. Maybe the length of the hero love story might disappoint the audience and there is no strong reason for the heroine to come back to hero. So, their elements might disappoint the audience a bit. 


Technical team: 

Director Gautam Tinnauri has presented the love story in a unique way. Though the screenplay in the first half, might confuse the audience, the story and second half won't make the audience feel bored. The way he handled the story is fantastic. 

Sravan Bharadwaj's music is good and Naresh's cinematography is top notch. Satya's editing is good and Rahul's production values need special mention. 


Final Verdict: 

Definitely, Malli Raava is a comeback movie for Sumanth. The audience will love him for his impeccable performance and also the director for his fresh story and his presentation on the screen. The movie is a mix of all elements and a must watch. 

PB Rating : 3.5/5

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Date published: Friday, December 08, 2017, 08:13 PM
3.5 / 5 stars
Akanksha Singh
Music Director: Sravan Bharadwaj
Producer: Rahul Yadav Nakka
Directed by: Gautham Tinnanuri
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