Sapthagiri LLB Movie Review

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Cast and Crew: Cast: Sapthagiri, Kashish Vora, MP Siva Prasad, Sai Kumar, LB Sriram, Shakalaka Shankar, Dr Ravi Kiran


Music: Vijay Bulganin


Dialogues: Paruchuri Brothers


Photography: Sarangam SR


Producer: Dr Ravi Kiran


Director: Charan Lakkakula






Comedy King Sapthagiri is undoubtedly one of the best comedians in TFI. Now, he turned into a hero and all set to entertain the audience with his movie Sapthagiri LLB. This is the remake of Hindi movie Jolly LLB. This movie is produced by Ravi Kiran and directed by Charan Lakkakula. Let's see whether the movie managed to impress the audience or not. 






When coming to story, Sapthagiri's main aim to become a lawyer and he works in a district court and eagerly waiting for a chance to prove himself. When his lover Kashish Vora, plans to marry him, her father didn't agree to it and wants Sapthagiri to become famous. He made a challenge that he will become famous and then marry her. Then he starts practice in high court but didn't get any chance to prove himself. One day, he came to hear that one rich guy kills six beggars who are sleeping on the footpath with his car, but the case dismissed by the court, as they couldn't find to get any evidence against the rich brat. Then Sapthagiri starts collecting the evidence against him and enters into competition with famous lawyer Raj Pal (Sai Kumar). The rest of the story is how Sapthagiri collects evidence? How Raj Pal tortures him to leave the case? To get answers to these questions, one needs to watch the movie. 



Story, screenplay, and review: 



The movies that come with the court, lawyer, and case always impress the Telugu audience. One such film in Hindi is Jolly LLB. Now, Sapthagiri remade it in Telugu. Sapthagiri proved his mettle with this movie and he carried the movie on his own shoulders. The pre-climax and climax scenes will give goosebumps to the audience and Sapthagiri's acting is fantastic. 



Though initially, the makers tried to entertain the audience with comedy, the way director carried the screenplay after that is top notch. The scene, where the twist revealed about the beggars who died will give goosebumps to the audience and made them emotional at the same time. Sapthagiri's dialogue delivery in court scenes is fantastic and he did justice to his role. Sai Kumar's role is another biggest asset to this movie. Paruchuri Brothers dialogues needs special mention. As judge MP Shiva Prasad gave life to it. Shakalaka Shankar comedu is good and other character did justice to their roles. 



Director Charan impressed the audience with his filmmaking skills. Music director Vijay gave life to few scenes with his tunes, especially in second half. Cinematography is good. Editing is fantastic and gripping. Production values are good and he managed to impress the audience with his acting skills also. 



Final Verdict: 


Sapthagiri won the case in theaters. 

PB Rating : 3.25/5

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Date published: Thursday, December 07, 2017, 09:01 PM
3.25 / 5 stars
Sai Kumar
Music Director: Bulganin
Producer: Ravi kirane
Directed by: Charan
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