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Supreme hero Sai Dharam Tej is back again with an interesting movie Jawaan, under the direction of BVS Ravi. Amidst huge expectations, the movie has finally hit the screens today and check out the review, to know whether the movie reached the expectations or not. 



Since childhood Jai (Sai Dharam Tej) has a great respect and love towards India and wants to DRDO. At that time, the scientists in DRDO prepares a missile Octopus and to get it, Keshava (Prasanna) make a deal with international criminals. But Jai didn't allow it to happen. Then he targets Jai's family and forces him to choose in between family or country. The rest of the story is, how Jai helps the DRDO and how he teaches a lesson to Keshava.  


Plus Points: 

The biggest plus point to this movie is the situation, where the hero has to choose other family or country. The director handled the sensitive situation with a lot of ease and proved his mettle as director and writer. The emotional scenes between the hero and his family members in the second half and the emotional struggle he face, will make the audience emotionally attached to the story. The scenes where Prasanna creates troubles to the actor to get the missile will give the goosebumps to the audience. The director has showed perfection from actors body language to screenplay and BGM and succeeded at the box office. 

Mehreen is short but impressed the audience with her glamour. Prasanna gave his best in the negative role and BGM is one of the biggest asset to this movie. 


Minus Points: 

Though director BVS Ravi has focused much on story and screenplay, he failed to present it in an interesting manner. Few scenes looks like a copy from other movies in Telugu. He might have focussed much on the screenplay. During some scenes, he used the regular formula, which might disappoint the audience. The mindgame scenes can be a bit better and longer. The placement of songs in the movie is the biggest minus in this movie. 


Technical team: 

Though director and writer BVS Ravi opt for an interesting concept, failed to present it on screen. The film looks like a routine, slow and usual commercial entertainer. 

Thaman's BGM is fantastic, but songs are not up to the mark. SR Sekhar's editing is good. KV Guhan's cinematography needs special mention. Production values are good and fight sequences can be a bit better. 


Final Verdict: 

BVS Ravi and Sai Dharam Tej focused much on the performances rather than a script. The emotional scenes, family sentiment, Tej performance in the second half impress the audience, but the director failed to present something new on screen. Audience who like regular commercial action entertainers will definitely love Jawaan. 


PB Rating 3.25/5

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Date published: Saturday, December 02, 2017, 01:20 PM
3.25 / 5 stars
saidharam tej
Music Director: ss thaman
Producer: krishna
Directed by: BVS Ravi
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