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Introduction: After Bichagadu and Bhetaludu, Vijay Antony is back again with another interesting movie Indrasena. It is released today and let's see whether it reached the expectations or not.  
Story: The story starts with the intro of twins Indrasena (Vijay Antony) and Rudrasena (Vijay Antony). Unexpectedly, Indrasena commits a murder one day and sentenced to jail for seven years. After that Rudrasena, who is a good guy turns into a bad one and starts troubling people. The rest of the story is, why Indrasena commits murder? Why Rudrasena turns into a street rowdy? 
Plus Points: Vijay Antony tried his best to give justification to dual roles Indrasena and Rudrasena. His performance as an aggressive Rudrasena role and innocent kind in Indrasena role. The interval scene is the biggest asset to this movie and it will definitely impress the audience. The second half looks more interesting than the first half. 
Minus points: The movie happens at a slow pace, which will irritate the audience to some extent. There is lack of depth and emotional balance between the brothers. The director might have focussed much on it. Instead of a plot, the film is full of sub-plots which will annoy the audience and make them feel bored. Few characters like Rudrasena's love has nothing to do with the story. 
Technical team: The director has completely failed in presenting the brotherly emotions on screen. Though his story idea is good, the poor screenplay failed to impress the audience. Editing is ok but seems too lengthy and cinematography is good. The music composed by Vijay Antony give a headache to the audience, as the movie has neither good BGM or songs that suit the situation. The production values are good. 
Final Verdict: The story is all about the sacrificing brother Indrasena and maybe that's the reason, the director titled it as his name. Unlike his films, Bichagadu, this won't impress the audience to that extent. 
PB Rating : 3/5

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Date published: Friday, December 01, 2017, 12:30 AM
3 / 5 stars
Vijay antony
Music Director: Vijay Antony
Producer: Neelam Krishna reddy
Directed by: Srinivasan
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