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Devi Sri Prasad, the name needs no introduction in Tollywood. But now we are not discussing about rockstar Devi Sri Prasad, but the movie that titled as his name. Ever since the teaser has released, with the portrayal of intimate make out scene with a dead body, the movie is on headlines. Now, the movie has finally hit the screens today and let's see whether the movie has impressed the audience or not. The film features Bhupal, Dhanraj, Manoj Namdam and Pooja Ramchandran in lead roles. The movie is directed by Sri Kishore and RV Raju and D Venkatesh has produced this film under Yashwanth Movies and RO Creations banners. 

Devi (Bhupal) is an auto driver, Sri (Dhanraj) is an hospital compounder and Prasad (Manoj Nandam) owns a tea stall. These three are best friends. Leela (Pooja Ram Chandran) is a superstar. These three are huge fan of Leela and when they tried to meet her, they were thrown away by the security guard. One day, suddenly she met with an accident and she died on the spot. Sri make a call to his friends, after seeing Leela in the mortuary ward. Devi and Prasad comes to the mortuary. So, Devi decided to rape Leela and Sri also supports him, but Prasad didn't like it and opposes them. Then they trio fought with each other. Here comes the twist. The rest of the story forms, what is the twist? Whether they rape Leela or not? To get answers to all these questions, you need to watch movie. 
Devi Sri Prasad is undoubtedly the different story and we have never seen this kind of story before. The lead actors planning to rape a dead body is a different story. The plus points in this movie are story, screenplay, direction and artists Dhanraj, Bhupal and Prasad. The trio did justice to their roles. The presentation of characters needs special mention and Pooja is definitely the added advantage to the film. Her performance is top notch. In the second half, Pooja's acting will make the audience emotional. Posani perfectly suits as Police officer. Nalla Venu comedy and Bhupal's acting is few scenes will tickle the funny bones of audience. 

Director Sri Kishore introduced new concept to the audience. In low budget, he has presented an interesting and different concept on screen.  The scene where the lead actors wants to have sex with the dead body and followed by the fight between them, flashback story, accident scene, will stick the audience to their chairs. The screenplay is fantastic and the way Leela tries to escape from the trio will impress the audience. Chandramouli editing is good and Cinematography is top notch. Kamran's BGM needs special mention. In the second half, if the director focuses a bit more in the hopital sequence, then it might be more interesting. The production values are good. 

Overall, Dhanraj, Manoj, Bhupal and Pooja's performance, Sri Kishore direction will definitely impress the audience. The fans of suspense thriller will like it for sure. 

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Date published: Friday, November 24, 2017, 10:20 PM
3 / 5 stars
Manoj nandam
Music Director: Kamran
Producer: D venkatesh
Directed by: Sri kishor
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