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Nara Rohit starrer Prathinidi fame Anand Ravi is back again with an interesting script titled as Napoleon. The theme of this movie is to make clear that every middle-class person has a social responsibility. The trailer has raised the expectations of the audience. The movie has finally released and let's see whether it managed to impress the audience or not. 



Napoleon (Anand Ravi) complains to the police that he has lost his shadow. The police get shocked with his to complain and ask him to consult a doctor. Even the doctor couldn't able to rectify the problem, whey he can't able to see his shadow. After that he starts saying that the accident of Tirupati (Anil Bhanu) happened last week at Nandi Nagar is actually a murder and police are trying to portray it as an accident. After an inquiry, it proved that it is a murder but not an accident. The rest of the story forms, how Napoleon knows all these things? Why he couldn't able to see his shadow? To know answers to all these questions, you need to watch the movie in theaters. 



It is an interesting suspense thriller. The director's presentation of scenes starting from giving a complaint to police, that he lost his shadow and it leads to a solution to a murder mystery. The director managed to create interest among the audience with his tight screenplay. The first and second half has tight screenplay without any unwanted scenes and routine mass masala elements. Without any deviation, the way Anand Ravi deals the story at top notch. These kind of genres are very rare in TFI and Anand Ravi gave life to the Napoleon character. He showed the variations in Ashok character. He managed to steal the limelight. In the role of his wife, Komali's acting is impressive. Her negative shades will definitely fetch her awards in coming days. As a police officer, Ravi Varma deserves a pat on his shoulder. Designer Bhanu performed well in the role of Tirupathi. 

Technical team: 

Anand Ravi has given the story, screenplay and direction to this movie. He also turned into a producer for this film. Though he confused the audience a bit during the pre-climax, but impressed the audience with fantastic climax sequence. The background score is fantastic and cinematography is good. The production values need special mention. 

Final Verdict: 

Napoleon is different a new-age movie with the tight screenplay and fantastic performance of the actors. The movie will definitely impress all sections of the society and a must-watch in this weekend

PB RATING : 3.25/5

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Date published: Friday, November 24, 2017, 11:19 AM
3.25 / 5 stars
Cast: Anand Ravi
Ravi Varma
Kedar Shankar
Gururaj and others.
Music Director: Music: Siddhath Sadasivuni
Producer: Producer: Bhogendra Gupta
Directed by: anand ravi
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