Homeocare International’s ‘HAPI’ A mega celebration of success in Constitutional Homeopathy

Homeocare International the fastest growing chain of world-class super specialty homeopathy clinics hosted ‘HAPI,’ a mega celebration of success in Constitutional Homeopathy in Taj Deccan, on 7th May, 2017. Homeocare’s Constitutional Homeopathy has treated and cured over 15 million people suffering from numerous ailments. The event witnessed too many smiles, and was brimming with happiness.

The occasion was graced by Sri Allu Arvind Garu, Film Producer as the Chief Guest, this was a landmark event, conglomerating the 'HAPI' patients of Homeocare International to share their stories with the world, of regaining happiness and once again, living life to the fullest.

Adding to the celebration, Homeocare International announced 50% off on all treatments at their clinics throughout India, in hopes of adding more members to their ‘HAPI’ family.

Dr. Srikant Morlawar (CMD), is the constant force behind Homeocare International, who aims to spread awareness on the effectiveness of Constitutional Homeopathy in treating various chronic and so-called incurable diseases like diabetes, arthritis, thyroid problems, infertility, hormone imbalances and many more. Homeocare International is now present across 5 states of South India, with more than 4-0 branches and has a team of over 300 specialised and expert Homeopathy Doctors.

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Date published: Monday, May 08, 2017, 07:56 AM


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