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First lets talk about movies like Drishyam,Premam, Oopiri,Druva. These movies were remakes, But they were not copied as they were made in the other languages. Many scenes were used from the original, still the Telugu makers have put in our emotion,taste and gave them the local feel. Thats why they were super hits.and they brought huge profits to the makers.

Now lets get back to Babu Baaga Busy. This is a remake of Hindi movie Hunter which was a super hit that had four kissing scenes and some double meaning dialogues that added spice to the movie. This film was not just hit due to the romantic scenes. It also had emotions and feel and also we could connect with our childhood notorious things.We get reminded of our naughty college days . This is how the director made us feel haunted with the Hunter movie. But we dont find these emotions in Baabu Baaga Busy. Same scenes but feel was missing, Same situations but soul was missing. There it was a hit, and here it will miss hit. The director failed to copy the original. Performance of the actors was very artificial. though there is busy in title, the movie moves very slow..Most of the dialogues were in English and it clearly targeted particular audience. Avasarala's hairstyle was a big drawback. They planned to show him different, but the look is not accepted.

They should have made the movie keeping in mind the fast moving generation. The movie went very slow. Only attraction was Supriya who is seen as a married Aunty Chandrika. Though she had few scenes, she added spice with her romantic scenes. From the release of the trailer Supriya was the main attraction and she maintained that curiosity with her hot expressions.

We can definetly say that this movie will be watched for Supriya alone . The double meaning dialougs and songs are OK. The producers should have chose a straight film instead of remake for a debut. Else they should have added some feel to the movie. They may get recognition and little money with this, but but definetly they will lose the banners fame .

PB rating 1.5/5

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Date published: Saturday, May 06, 2017, 07:19 AM
1.5 / 5 stars
srinivas avasarala
Music Director: sunil kashyap
Producer: abhishek nama
Directed by: naveen medaram
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