SS Rajamouli Baahubali 2: The Conclusion Movie Review

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The most awaited movie Bahubali-2 has come into theaters. The conclusion is given in this part by Rjamouli. The much awaited answer for" why Katappa killed Bahubali? is revealed. The film made its way to the audience with huge publicity, huge craze, big marketing stratergy and a tremondos planning in big number of theaters.This is an 5 year effort. First part was a blockbuster, and expectations are that the second part will collect over 1000crore with Rajamouli's magic.

Now lets get into the story.

Story unfolds with Katappa telling Mahendra Bahubali the reason why he killed Bahubali. Second part includes Bahubali falling in love with Deva sena and the consequences that lead to their marraige and Ballaladeva becomes the king of Mahishmathi in a strange situation. Bahubali leaves the kingdom for some reason. Now we have to watch it on the screen why Kattappa killed Bahubali, how Ballaladeva became king and why Bahubali left the kingdom.


This is the first film to be made with high standards in Indian cinema. We can see Rajamouli's superiority in story, screenplay and graphics. Graphics played a major role in the movie. Keeravani's re-recording was another highlight. The way Rajamouli moulded the story was too good. Graphics in the war scenes were really awesome. Make up, costumes and Senthil's camera work took the movie to peaks.

We get the feel that we are watching a hollywood movie, keeping a side the telugu actors. This film gave the Indian cinema a new definition with international standards. Rajamouli's style of unfolding the story is truely appreciated. Prabhas and Rana competed to give ultimate performance. Anushka's braveness, Subba raju's innocence, Shivagamini's royality and Nazzer's cunningness was shown naturally. We can see Rajamouli's wonder creations from the begining to the end. Anushka looked awesome in the movie. Satya raj and Nazzer's performance is another big plus point to the movie.

Shivagamini makes a wonder with her performance. Rana prooved to be the best villain .
After the truth why Kattappa killed Bahubali is revealed one feels little bored with the story as it moves bit slow. Story becomes predictable after this truth is revealed and we can feel the revenge drama between the hero and villain. Tamannah is seen in only few scenes. Fight with wild boars is good but one feels that this scene is just to show Subba raju.

This film is visual wonder with beautiful sets, costumes and graphics. Rajamouli is one person who connects to the mass as well as class audience. He is definetly a hero if Indian cinema. Bahubali is no more a cinema but a milestone in Indian cinema history. Rajamouli doesn't wait for wonders to happen, but creates wonder and such wonderful wonder is Bahubali .Hats off to Rajamouli and his creation one and only Bahubali.

PB Rating : 4/5


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Date published: Friday, April 28, 2017, 09:43 AM
4 / 5 stars
satya raj
Music Director: mm keeravani
Producer: arka media
Directed by: ss rajamouli
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