Bahubali-2 Got leaked?

Before the release of any film, we first hear the leak gossips. Most of these gossips turn out to be true. The major damage is done before the producer realise.

People behind these leaks are in no mood to keep the leaks a secret and they inform about it beforehand, which is turning to be a great loss to the movie. Atharintiki Daredi movie was a victim of piracy before its release, but still it turned to be a blockbuster.

Now the rumor doing rounds is that Bahubali-2 got leaked before its release and the pirated version will be available in the internet before its release.The film's unit seems to be tensed with these rumors. Some photos regarding these rumors are circulated in the social media .Others say that this film premier took place recently. But this is not true as some feel that those photos were just a part of the trailer.

Earlier too there were news about Bahubali-2 leakage. The unit of the film responded quickly and could control a major damage to the film. Now we have to wait and see if Bahubali-2 will escape the piracy and makes it way to the theaters.

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Date published: Thursday, April 27, 2017, 06:02 AM


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