Suchi Leaks.... Amala's exit

There is no official reason for Amala's divorce, but many feel its her closeness to Tamil hero Dhanush that led to the divorce with her ex husband. This duo was highlighted in Suchi Leaks too.

The rumor gained strength after Dhanush gave her the main actress role in Vaada Chennai movie after their VIP movie. But suddenly the makers said that she was not a part of their movie and they are on a hunt for another actress. Nobody knew the reason behind her exit from the movie. She stated the dates issues, But many feel that she isnt that busy right now.

The film makers kept her aside keeping in mind the rumors surrrounding her and she also stepped aside silently. It is heard that after Suchi Leaks incident, Rajini Kanth has kept an eye on Dhanush and now a days he is not seen hanging out with his buddy Anirudh too. So Suchi leaks tremors are still haunting the Kollywood industry.

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Date published: Saturday, April 22, 2017, 08:35 AM


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