Katappa.... no excuse Appaaa..

Kannada people have taken oath that they will not let Bahubali-2 release in Karnataka. They are demanding an apology from' Kattappa' Satyaraj. They feel that it has become an habit to the Tamil actors to criticize the Kannada people and this will teach them a lesson. Now Kattappa dolls are in demand and people are setting these dolls on fire.

Nine years back Satyaraj commented on Kaveri water. It is well known that that there is a conflict between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka regarding Kaveri water from decades. This dispute have now got linked to Bahubali- The conclusion. Infact Satyaraj is only a character artist in the movie and he will not inccurr any loss, if the film is not released in Karnataka. If he compromises and say sorry to Kannada people then it will anger the Tamilians. Now the Bahubali team and Satyaraj are in dilemma and they can do nothing. They are expecting things to come under control by the release date. Even Rajamouli appealed to Karnataka people. But it is of no use and the matter is getting worse day by day.

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Date published: Friday, April 21, 2017, 08:21 AM


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