Prabhas Reveals The Truth

Prabhas wanted to give his two years time to Bahubali. He thought of completing the movie in 2015 and to do a film with Sujith who earlier directed 'Run Raja Run.

But Bahubali was made into two parts and the film shoot was completed in 2016 .There was a gap of 8 months between the shoot of these 2 parts, But Prabhas didnt take up any other project. Even Raja Mouli told him to do other project in this gap but Prabhas didnt agree. It was astonishing to see this commitment and Prabhas clarified this in a recent interview

He said " if me and rajamouli would have done any other movie in this gap, then Bahubali would take 8 years to complete.I thought to be with Rajamouli till the end of Bahubali without any break. If i was associated with any project there would be a change in my mood and i didnot want to give any excuses like i will complete the climax and get back in short time. I wanted to be available whenever he needs me and I dont think i faced any loss with this decision. I would have done 8 movies in this 4 years , but i got more popularity with this one film which i wouldn't have tasted even after completion of 16 films".

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Date published: Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 08:39 AM


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