Reviews can come to halt, but how will u stop them?

Rajini kanth and Vishal requested to give out reviews on the first day of the film's release, but at least after the 3 days of release. They feel that on the released day itself the review given is affecting the collections of the film and the audience are keeping in mind the ratings and review and then watching the movie under this influence.

Many people from film industry itself are in support as well as against this. Producer suresh babu remarked that one can never object the freedom of media and film analysts. He also said that a good review about a bad film will never help the film nor a bad review about a good film will never have any negative impact on it.

Initial positive talk of small films will surely help the film collections to speed up. This was seen in the case of Pellichoopulu and Ghazi movies.Every coin has two sides and so in this case too. He remarked that though we can stop the reviews, we cannot put an end to the public opinion on social media. He feels that the film success and collections are based on the movies content and no external matter effects it.
source - gulte

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Date published: Wednesday, April 19, 2017, 08:34 AM


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