Rockline, Chandra Sidhartha Movie Title Ata Kadhara Ra Shiva

Chandra Sidhartha is the maker of good films like ; Aa Naluguru' and ' Andhari bandhuvayya'. There has always been a speciality in his films. But his last film "Emmo Gurram yegara vachu" was a big disappointment .This film could not appeal to audience in any matter. This film was released three years ago.

After taking a substantial break, director Chandra Sidhartha is doing a movie with a variety title. The title is "Aata Kadha Ra Shivaa'. We all knew that earlier Thanikella Bharani have written a book on Shiva with this title and that had great reviews.

The makers are casting all new faces in this film and this is going to be a devotional movie. Chandra Sidhartha is trying to proove himself once again with this movie. Interesting is that Kannada Producer Rock Line Venkatesh is producing the movie. Earlier he has produced hit films like 'Power', 'Lingaa'. . He is also a co producer of hindi blockbuster 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan'. Rock Line Venkatesh always produced big films and this a first time he is doing a movie with Chandra Sidhartha with all new faces.

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Date published: Monday, April 17, 2017, 05:30 PM


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