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Raghava Lawrence is one actor who is asaosciated with Telugu audience with his hit films muni and kanchana. Again he has come with another horror movie Shiva linga this time.this film was directed by p.Vasu and was promoted to extend.Now let's see the story.


Shiva lingeshwar(Lawrence) is a CBCID officer. He is asked to solve a mystery murder. In the mean time of his investigation he gets married to Satyabhama(Rithika Singh) on his families wish. Lingeshwar leads a happy family life and is busy with his investigation. In this situation his wife is possessed by a spirit.

Whose spirit is this? And why did it possess his wife? Whose murder mystery was Lingeshwar solving? Who is the culprit and what is the connection between the spirit and murder.? How did he save his wife from the spirit and solved the mystery I'd the story.

Plus points

Horror content with a new story is the main plus point. Director P.Vasu introduced suspense in the neginomhnand unfolds it only at the end. Lawrence's efforts during the investigation and his performance is too good. Introduction of spirit in the first half gives a taste of horror movie. Second half is good with the spirits sequence. Rithika Singh's performance as a possessed person is fantastic. Raghava performance and dance is good. Vadivelu after a long time is seen in this movie and his comedy trackbtickles you. Thaman's background score was apt for an horror movie.First half is bitslow but screen play on second half takes quick steep and one waits for the mystery to unfold. Screenplay of the climax was also executed well.

Minus points

Beginning of the first half od very slow and the spirit is introduced only on the middle of first half. Usually Kovai Sarala is seen as his mother in all his horror movies and one gets entertaoned with her performance. In this movie Urvashi have done the mother character . Though she has done well, she could not reach the expectations. Dubbed songs with Telugu lyrics were a big blunder.One expects a lot to be unfold by which the suspense was introduced at the beginning. But the plot falls flat and gives disappointment. Some scenes of Lawrence with Vadivayllu seems useless and the horror part is also not so thrilling as compared to other Lawrence's movies.


Director P.Vasu story and screenplay is superb. His horror content more effective and strong. Sarvesh Murari,s cinematography is good . Thaman' background score, songs was great. Editing by Suresh is good and the climax fight scene was interesting.


Fans of Raghava Lawrence's horror movies full happy they feel satisfied. Performance of Lawrence and Rithika is good. Urvashi is up to mark with her comedy performance. Suspense the way unfolded good and strong horror content... special effects is a big plus point. overall the movie is super hit. 

PB Rating : 3.5/5

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Date published: Friday, April 14, 2017, 10:36 PM
3.5 / 5 stars
ritika singh
Music Director: thaman
Producer: abhishek
Directed by: p vasu
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