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One of the star heroines who is more interested in lady oriented movies is none other than Nayanthara. She has huge fan following in both Kollywood and Tollywood. As Nayanthara herself will be a big asset to the movie, directors with different stories are approaching Nayan first.

Her latest movie Dora comes to under this category too. The entire story revolves around Nayanthara, car and a dog. This horror thriller movie is directed by Ramaswamy and produced by Malkapuram Shivakumar. Is Dora movie up to the mark? Let's see..

Story is..

Parijatham Krishnaveni (Nayanthara) lives with her father Ramaiya (Thambi Ramaiyya). Though her mother died a long time ago hey father stayed single.

Thinking that marriage will increase the distance between her and her father she avoided marriage too. At that time Ramaiya sister insults her which make Nayanthara decides to start a call taxi. For that she buys a brand new car without any clue that the car changes her entire life.

On the other side police are searching for a gang involved in Murder and rapes. Whenever the car sees them it behaves differently. Why is the car behaving like that? Is there any connection between the car and those people? does the car have Supernatural powers? What is the justification for the title Dora? We have to watch the movie on silver screen to find out the answers..


Dora is one of the best example why Nayanthara is in the top position. To make this kind of story connectable to the audience the script demands a big heroine. Nayanthara involved a lot in Parijatham character. The entire first half revolves around mutual love between father and daughter. Nayanthara and Thambi Ramaiah acting felt like they are real father and daughter. Nayanthara literally gave life to the character.

The car character entry turn the story upside down. The things that car does are very unexplainable. It moves back on its own and starts on its own. The director maintained the suspense very well till we reach the flashback episode. The entire movie is exhilirating. How the spirit goes into the car is a new concept. How the spirit in the car gets it revenge is the story.

Even the dog in the movie has its own importance. The villain batch did well too. The dog killing people is really interesting. Police enquiring about this murders is the suspense which makes the audience excited about how Parijatham life is involved in these.

The director elevated the horror element well. The story itself is really very thrilling. He wrote the screenplay well too. Harish uttaman character is executed well. He suited well for the police officer character.


Recording is good. Camera work is a big plus point. We have seen so many movies where spirits and enters into human bodies but the spirit entering into a car and getting it's revenge is really a thrilling element which drives the story forward.

But in the second half as the flashback is revealed the scenes are not that much interesting. The story is predictable. As the screenplay has more Tamil essence Telugu people cannot quite connect to the story.

Nayanthara fans and thriller movie lovers​ will definitely like the movie.

PB Rating : 3.25/5

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Date published: Friday, March 31, 2017, 04:41 PM
3.25 / 5 stars
Music Director: vivek
Producer: malkapuram shivakumar
Directed by: ramasami
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