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Director Puri Jagannadh definitely knows how to show the unseen version in the heroes. That's one of the reasons why the young heroes are more interested to be launched by him. Out of so many upcoming new heroes Ishaan got this opportunity to be launched by Puri. Though the hero is new, because of Puri's Mark expectations are high on this movie. The trailer, audio release got good response too. Did this youthful entertainer succeeded in impressing the audience? Let's see..

Story :

Chanti (Ishaan) is a happy go lucky boy enjoying life with his girlfriend. But things change when his girlfriend is engaged to an encounter specialist (Subbaraju). He gets caught to the police while trying to ruin the marriage.

Hero is punished to spend 2 years in Jail. Meanwhile his girlfriend accepts the boy, chosen by her parents showed. Devastated hero starts hating all the women. While trying to ruin the engagement he accidentally break a Constable's leg.

So Chanti decides to take the responsibility of his family. A psycho (Anup Singh) tries to abduct Chanti's sister, Anjali (Mannara Chopra) who is a club dancer. What is the relation ship between Anjali and psycho? How Chanti saved Anjali forms the rest of the story.

Cast and crew :

Ishaan looked handsome in the movie. His height, physic and screen presence are good. He looked like a Bollywood hero by taking extra care in looks and costumes. His performance is remarkable too. His dialogue delivery is fine.

Puri succeeded in showing Ishaan classily with mass image. He planned the scenes based on his body language. The movie executed Puri mark heroism well. Anoop Takur is the biggest asset to the movie. His acting in psycho character is dealt nicely.

Angela looked very hot in the song. The chemistry between her and Ishaan in the first half is impressive. Beach song is good too. Monara Chopra got the chance to showcase her acting skills in the movie. Though she made exposing unnecessarily her performance is good.



Though Sunil Kashyap songs are good the re-recording is not up to the mark. The re-recording doesn't sync well with the scenes which made some seems boring. Mukesh camera work is good.

The action sequences are picturised effectively along with the beach scenes. Dialogues are really good. The producers didn't seem to hesitate in the budget



Rogue is a complete full fledged Puri mark movie including the dialogues. Puri showed the heroine very nicely. This is a regular Puri mark story but with much maximum concentration Hero.

Puri dialogues about the ex-girlfriend are good. The first half is just average but the second half didn't take the audience quite seriously into the subject. Entire second half revolves around the fights between the hero and the psycho. The psycho appears in front of the hero so many times yet he never gets caught to the police which is illogical.

Keeping the logics aside, the psycho character make the girls cry. There are so many silly scenes in the movie. The scene of kidnapping 50 girls who have the name Anjali is really silly. We can't expect such scenes from director like Puri. Ali comedy didn't work out well in the movie and the character is cannot be compared with the beggar scenes in Pokiri.

Because of Anup psycho behaviour the story deviated so many times out of the track. Puri dragged this small story in a boring way. The way he showed Hero, songs, camera work, Puri mark dialogues are the plus points of the movie. As there are no thrilling twists in the movie we can consider it as a psycho Revenge drama.


Puri didn't quite satisfied the audience this time.

PB Rating : 3/5

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Date published: Friday, March 31, 2017, 04:14 PM
3 / 5 stars
Music Director: sunilkashyap
Producer: manohar, gopi
Directed by: PURI
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