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Only few heroes in Tollywood focus more on the roles they​ play by trusting the script rather than maintaining their star image. They sometimes don't just stick to do the roles that elevate their heroism. We can count such type of heroes on fingers these days.

One such unique hero is Victory Venkatesh. He followed the same path right from the beginning. That's one of the reasons he became a superstar now and made victory as his first name proudly.

Compared to Bollywood the movies which came on sports concept in Tollywood are low. The last movie focused on a sport was Sye directed by SS Rajamouli. Yet we can't say that it's a full fledged sport movie.

But it's not like that in Bollywood. From Lagaan to Dangal, Aamir Khan did many sport dramas with commercial values which is the current trend there.

The movies depict the hardships and passion of the athletes in their corresponding sports and showcases their winning spirit. The Bollywood is in number position to make money out of their passion which are becoming super hits. One of such movies is Guru starring Venky in the main lead.

This is the telugu remake of Hind movie Saala Khadoos. Sudha Kongara who directed that movie there took the production side there. Did the movie reached the audience expectations and is a hit atleast in Telugu industry? Well, let's see..

Story :

Aadi (Venkatesh) loves boxing more than anything. Because of his straightforwardness and short temper and the politics in boxing Academy he fails to reach his destination and decides to become a coach. But his fate made him face some more hardships even as a coach too. Intentionally the boxing Academy appoints him in a small town near Visakhapatnam where there is no value for boxing.

But there he crosses his path with Ramulu (Ritika Singh) who sells vegetables to make a living. He also find another girl Lux (Mumtaz) who wants to become a boxer to gain the police job. Ramulu's courage attracts him more. He feels that there is a boxer hidden inside that girl and wants to take that out.

He convince her to take the boxing coaching but Ramulu only takes coaching just for the money Aadi is giving and fails in the matches willingly because of her anger towards Aadi. How did he make that stubborn girl turn into a champion and how he became a real Guru forms the rest of the story.


We knew that the movie is a Telugu remake of Bollywood movie Saala khadoos. Movie makers told that they included some changes in Venkatesh character but it pretty much looked the same.

Even the actors who played in the original version acted here too. However we can consider Guru as the first movie which revolves completely around the game only. The boxing track is highlighted more in the movie the entire movie and the story revolves around the single emotion. Guru's attempts to make a girl selling vegetables into a boxer are very impressive. Director worked hard to make each and every character real so that the audience can connect easily. Audience will definitely hate Ritika in the first half because of her attitude and distrust towards Aadi.

Director Sudha kongara succeeded in maintaining emotions equally thought the movie. The scene before the interval and the climax scenes are very thrilling. Without getting deeply into the technical aspects of the game the audience will definitely feel good after watching the movie.

Cast and crew technical department:

Generally Venkatesh who shows much interest in the characters like this apted well for this coach character. He surprised the audience with his new look he once again proved his talent in the emotional scenes. After Venkatesh the other character that impressed more is Ritika Singh.

Her naughtiness, her anger, her attitude, her courage, all the emotions are well acted. Even she played the lead in Hindi too. Coming to the senior actors Nazar Bharani and Raghu Babu justified their characters well.

The song sung by Venky is really amazing. Background music is good. Music supports well to elevate the emotional scenes in movies like this and the music director did a good job. Without including the baseless comedy the director narrated the story impressively.

All the credits go to the director who created the script well and executed it finally.


Guru is a very good movie. Audience who have the thirst for different kind of movies will definitely like this movie.

PB Rating : 3.25/5

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Date published: Friday, March 31, 2017, 07:23 AM
3.25 / 5 stars
Victory Venkatesh
Ritika Singh
Tanikella Bharani
Music Director: Santosh Narayan
Producer: N. Sasikanth
Directed by: sudha kongara
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