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It is a well known fact that powerstar Pawan Kalyan is one such actor in Tollywood, who has humongous craze irrespective of hits and flops. As his last film, Sardaar Gabbar Singh has failed to impress the audience. The actor is back with a bang. His latest film Katamarayudu, which is the remake of Tamil Ajith's Veeram is finally released. Directed by Dolly, the film has Shruti Hassan in the lead role. Even before the release, the teaser and trailer got million views and did a Rs. 100 crore pre releas business. Let's find out whether it reach the audience expectations or not.


Well, the story starts with Katamarayudu (Pawan Kalyan) stays in Tallapataka village in Rayalaseema and fighta against the evils there. He has four brothers and loves them a lot. He is afraid that if he marries to someone, he will not be able to stay wuth his brothers. But his brothers Chaitanya, Ajay, Siva Balaji and Kamal, along with Lingababu (Ali) who is their family lawyer. At that time, Shruti Hassan(Avanthi) comes to that village and stays in his opposite house. She is a classical dancer. Pawan brothers sketch a plan to make both of them fell in love.They told Pawan that Shruti is in love with them and vice versa. They don't tell her about the violent side of Pawan. But due to some unforeseen situations, she came to know about it and leaves him.

After that Pawan goes to Balabadrapuram and cames to know that her family is in big danger. Nazar, Shruti's father who don't like violence and Katamarayudu started to impress him. But Elasari Bhanu ( Tharun Arora) tries to kill Nazar's family and Pawan stands in the support of their family. The remaining story forms, why Bhanu tries to kill Nazar's family? Whether Nazar accepts Pawan as his son in law? You have to watch the film in theatres to know answers for these questions.


Though the story is known to most of the people as it is a remake, but direct succeeded in presenting it in a different manner. The way he showed the heroism of Pawan Kalyan is fantastic. His performance in the first half definitely a feast for the eyes of audience. After Gabbar Singh, Shruti teamed up with Kalyan for this film and the chemistry between the duo is spellbinding. The proposal scene and love scenes between them will definitely impress the audience. Even though Veeram has a strong interval bang, but director can put more efforts to give goosebumps to the audience.


In Pancha Kattu, Pawan Kalyan looks more handsome than ever. The dialogues and fights needs a special mention. Shruti Hassan glamour make the audience's​ heart skip. Tharun Arora impressed the audience. As Pawan brothers Ajay, Chaitanya, Siva Balaji and Kamal performed well and look the limelight in first half to some extent. The other supporting characters Nazar and Ali are definitely an asset to the film.

Technical Department Analysis:

Though Anup Rubens somewhat disappointed the audience with his songs, but completely mesmerized the audience with his powerful background score. Prasad Morella's cinematography gave the film a fresh and grandeur look. Editor Gautam Raju might focus on two scenes in the second half, but overall th editing is good. The run time 144 minutes definitely a bigget plus point in the film. The fights looka normal, but the sets, production values and everything at top notch.

Dolly direction:

Even it is the remake of Tamil Veeram, the director did some changes to mak it suitable for the Nativity here. With brothers sentiment as the main theme, Dolly prsented in a fresh manner. But Vasu Varma and Deepak Raj's screenplay is ok. The crucial second half looks like a bit normal. But fights, love scenes, emotional sequences and comedy are at a balanced phase. This film definitely impress all sections of audience and for Pawan fans it is a festival. The fans will go crazy after seeing Pawan in pancha kattu and such powerful performance after Gabbar Singh. It will definitely break all the existing records and a Pakka Paisa Vasool.

PB Rating : 3.5/5

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Date published: Friday, March 24, 2017, 12:21 PM
3.5 / 5 stars
Music Director: anup
Producer: sharat marar
Directed by: dolly
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