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Nenorakam is the latest movie with Sai Ram Shankar as a hero and Sarathkumar in an important role. The movie unit succeeded in entertaining the people with the trailer itself. Midst huge promotions the movie has been released today. It is directed by Sudarshan Salendra, sponsored by Vamshidhar Reddy and produced by Srikanth Reddy. Let's see how the movie is.


Gautam (Sairam Shankar) works as a money recovery agent in Pandaga Finance. He falls in love with Swechcha (Reshma) and she also loves him. But suddenly a person kidnaps her and threatens Gautam to do as he says else he will Swechcha.

Who kidnapped her? What did the kidnapper asked Gautam to do? did Gautam succeeded in saving the love of his life? forms the rest of the story..

Cast and crew

Sai Shankar did a decent job in Gautam's role. His character is well established in the first half by the job he is doing. Later he shows the loverboy side of him. The scenes where he follows the heroine are good.

Compared to the previous films, Sai Ram has acted more maturely. He looked energetic on songs too. His chemistry with heroine Reshmi Menon is well maintained. His real performance is seen in the second half of the movie more.

Sai Ram's expressions while doing the things kidnapper demands to do are connected to audience. His adventures for protecting his love majorly continues the flow the movie. Heroine Reshmi Menon also did a impressing job with her lively expressions.

Dubbing suited well too. Reshmi is seen in a character which is easily relatable to the current youth as a plant lover. We can say that Sarath Kumar is the main pillar of the movie. As a kidnapper be acted in a different role. His multiple shades are seen in second half and in climax. Each shade of his thrilled the audience undoubtedly.

Another plus point is Sarath dubbing his own character. He justified the title. The first half flows normally and smoothly with Prithvi's performance. Giri is seen in a supporting role. Aditya Menon is seen in a different character as a police officer. Kasi Viswanath acted as heroine's father. Jabardasth team, Harsha, Late M.S.Narayana made the audience laugh.

Siddartha cinematography is definitely an asset for the movie. He took the songs, fights, other scenes pleasantly with a clear visuals. Mahith Narayan songs are good. Melody song is very nice and item song is hot. Karthik Srinivas's editing is sharp. Production values are rich.

Review :

This movie points out the current situation is women in our society and the atrocities on women. Director Sudarshan took the movie intrestingly in a cinematic way. He created curiosity by reversing that hero is in a problem in the starting scene itself.

The first half is filled with hero heroine romance, love track, Prithvi, Giri, Harsha and M.S. Narayana comedy. The embedded songs in the middle are nice. The whole tempo is changed with the interval twist. It increases the curiosity if audience about what is going to happen in the second half. Director showed his talent and impressed the audience.

The complete graph is changed in second half. He directed the scenes after kidnap well. The things Sarathkumar demands the hero to do are thought provoking. Director maintaining the truth hidden throughout the movie made each and every scene much more interesting. He succeeded in the terms of screenplay too.

Each and everything Hero does in the second half is interlinked to the climax. It's really tough to write a screenplay for this kind of story.

As Sairam Shankar and Sarath Kumar's performance supported director's thoughts, the movie came out really well. The Holi scene between the hero and heroine is Lovely. Villain batch spitting on a plant and a big fight scene after that are composed really well. Dialogue suited the movie.

The situation is well elevated by the dialogues "My life which used to be like life is beautiful has turned into Life of Pi". Director revealed a twist in the second half at the right time and right place. The background music while Sarathkumar revealing a twist is really emotional. The father and daughter relationship is show really well. Each and every girl will relate to that situation.

Script is prepared without losing the commercial elements and without ruining the content. He showed his talent even in the execution too. Producer Srikanth Reddy trusted the story and didn't hesitate about the budget. This type of screenplay is very rare in Telugu movies.


The first half will go on smoothly but the interval bang increases the curiosity. The second half will take us to a new genre and thrill the audience while revealing the twist. Good dialogues and songs, beautiful visuals, well executed fight scenes, best performance by the cast, different screenplay are the plus points in the movie. So this week don't miss the thrilling ride, Nenorakam.

PB Rating : 3.25/5

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Date published: Wednesday, March 15, 2017, 08:43 PM
3.25 / 5 stars
sairam shankar
sharath kumar
Music Director: mahith narayan
Producer: deepa sreekanth
Directed by: sudarshan
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