Akatayi Hero Aashish Raj Interview

Aashish Raj is the upcoming hero of Tollywood, who is going to give an entry with Akatayi movie which is gearing up to hit the theatres on 10th of this month, i.e Friday. On this note the actor had a chat with the media. Let's see what he said..

Q : What is your background?
A : I was born and brought up in Hyderabad. I did theatres arts. While doing that people used to say that I look good and suggested me to try modeling. So I started modeling and did some short films too. I grabbed every opportunity to prove myself. Finally i became hero with Aakatay.

Q : How did you get the chance?
A : Last year, when I was doing my MBA, I went to Dubai for some ads. There I met the director. He narrated the script to me and I liked it so much. He asked me if I want to act as hero. I hesitated a little bit but accepted later. So i took training in dance and went to the shooting.

Q : How is your role in the movie?
A : My character name is Vikranth. He is a happy-go-lucky man. He falls in love with a girl. He faces some problems at that time. How he solved his problems forms the story of the movie. It's very thrilling.

Q : Tell us about heroine.
A : She is so beautiful. Her character is so good. How she felt when the boy she loved is in problems and how she supported him and changed his life is the theme. The story revolves around these things.

Q : Tell us about director.
A : He has a great vision. He narrated the script for two and half hours. The movie came out just like how imagined it would be. I never imagined he can direct this well. He elevated my character finely too.

Q : How did the movie came out?
A : I watched the movie during dubbing but not seperately. I so watch it in the theatres like the audience.

Q : What element you like most?
A : More than fights and dance, i like acting. No matter if it is comedy or romance or whatever, i like performance. I travel a lot to learn acting. I observe how people react to different situations.

Q : Are you getting new offers?
A : Yeah offers are coming. But i haven't accepted anything yet. After trailer release i am getting so much positive response. I will decide once the movie gets released.

Q : Seems like you became emotional during the promotions..
A : Yeah. I am an emotional person. When we are in a place where you don't know how and where you start, and then someone tells you the answer, we will be very happy. I don't forget anyone who showed me the right path and said right things to me.

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Date published: Wednesday, March 08, 2017, 08:04 AM


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