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Lakshmi Bomb is the upcoming movie of Manchu Lakshmi. She is playing the role of judge in this film. Her character has two dimensions and it is going to hit the theatres on 10th of this month. The movie is directed by Kaarthikeya GopalaKrishna. In the promotions of the movie Lakshmi shared some matters regarding the movie on Tuesday in Hyderabad. Let's see what she said..

Q : Tell us something about the movie..
A : I liked the script very much. We have seen so many movies in the horror thriller genre. But this one has a beautiful family sentiment as well as highlighted current issues.

Q : What is your reaction when you heard the title to be Lakshmi Bomb?
A : Honestly, I scolded my director first. I suggested to keep the title as working. But as soon as the movie was started so many people said that they liked the title so much. I have a market too. So I thought I could do movies keeping my name in the titles.

Q : Tell us about the fights..
A : Manoj coreographed the climax fight. As we were shooting for climax, the emotions, time frames and budget failed to match. So we requested Manoj to do it.

Q : Did you do homework for the movie?
A : I should do homework if I have to do Hollywood movies. But here I get the faith and confidence automatically. Nothing fails if we have the best team. They managed every little thing carefully including saree colours too.

Q : Tell us about Women's Day..
A : In what way Women are lower than Men? If Women are not there, there would be no next generation. Then why do the society keeps differentiating male and female? Now we can't even trust drivers because of the incident happened with a Malayalam actress. But it attitude should change. We have to be in our own safe zone. But we should not be afraid. I don't think about myself as a girl or a boy. I just think how much i can help as a human being. How much am I doing being in my position is important.

Q : What happened with Bhavana is injustice. How do you feel about it?
A : My blood is boiling. Hats off for that actress. She inspired a thousands of women. Her behaviour is have us motivation. Incidents like these are happening everywhere. So don't threaten the women in your house with that. Ask them to keep prettier spray with them. We should encourage women being living in the digital world. Mothers should teach their sons how to treat women. That's why women should be empowered.

Q : You say that Women's Day is crap?
A : Do we celebrate Men's Day? No. Then why should we celebrate Women's Day? How are women lower? I am against this concept. Even men are facing same problems as women. So we have to celebrate Men's Day too. They have their problems like marriages, functions, fees etc.

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Date published: Wednesday, March 08, 2017, 07:52 AM


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