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Rating :

Vijay Antony who became much more closer to the Telugu audience with movies like Bichagadu, Betaludu etc is back again with a new film Yaman. The promotions for the movie, responce for teaser and trailer undoubtedly increased the expectations on this movie. With so many hopes and expectations the movie finally hit the theatres. Let's see how the movie is..

Story :

The story starts 30 years ago in a small village. A well known person Devarakonda Gandhi (Vijay Antony) tries to participate in the elections as an MLA.

But his opposition party head and friend Pandu Ranga kills him. Gandhi wife who is depressed with this commits suicude leaving their only son as an orphan. The kid grew up to be Ashok Chakravarthy (Vijay Antony).

Ashok who is in dire need of money for his grand father go to jail as a criminal. He gets involved in the fights between two gangs there.

A gentleman Karunakaran helps Ashok to get out of the jail and starting business of his own. But fate once again brings Ashok and his father's killer Pandu Ranga face to face in politics.

Ashok falls in love with a girl at the same time. Karunakar turns against to both Pandu Ranga and Ashok for his political career. Will Ashok avenge his father's death? Will his political dreams come true? What happens to his love story? Is the rest of the story.

Plus points :

Vijay Antony is the only reason behind the huge hype about this movie. So the movie team tried to show him in each and every frame. Audience who are watching only for Vijay Antony will definitely love this movie. They showed brilliantly how a common man makes his way to become a political leader. Karunakar role and Tyagarajan acting are really good.

Another important thing about the movie is the three important roles who are planning to deceive one another and their interesting plans against each other. The story is well written. Hero's lovestory which runs parallel ly but doesnt intercepts the main story is well written and balanced.

Minus points :

Though the story is good audience might not feel connected to the political game between the opponents which makes them a teeny bit disappointed. Some scenes are uncomfortable and boring. Heroine Miya George's role in just 5 scenes and only 2 songs showed a negative impact on the viewers.

Since the movie is a Telugu dubbed Tamil movie the essence of Tamil movie is present. Even the hero heroines acting gives a Tamil movie feeling. Director Name Boards tried so hard but failed to remove that feel.

Judgement :

The political game in the movie is really new and interesting. How Vijay Antony faced all his problems in the movie, how he reached his goals and how he played the mind fans to win are shown well. The only weakness in the movie is the slowness of the movie. Except that Yaman is an intresting and enjoyable ride.

PB Rating : 3.25/5

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Date published: Saturday, February 25, 2017, 05:23 PM
3.25 / 5 stars
vijay antony
mia goerge
Music Director: vijay antony
Producer: miryala ravinder reddy
Directed by: jeeva shankar
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