Kamal Hassan's request to lift ban on Jallikattu

As is known that Jallikattu is a banned sport in TamilNadu. Kollywood superstar actor Kamal Hassan has shared his opinion on this recently. He said that people who don't like jallikattu should stop eating biryani too. He stated that people kill animals for biryani and eat them, but ask others to stop Jallikattu.

He expressed that he likes Jallikattu, which is the ancient Tamilians traditional sport and requested people not to misunderstand jallikattu as bullfight that happens in Spain. He asked to lift lift the ban on Jallikattu.

Kamal notified that in Spain the bulls will die in bullfights, but here in TamilNadu we treat bulls as god and raise them as members of our family. He briefed that "Jallikattu is taming the bull not breaking is horns or its other body parts. It does not involve any physical violence against the bull."

Supreme Court has kept the ban against Jallikattu stating that it is cruel towards the bulls considering so many reports. The ban was kept from 2014 and the government has rejected the petition which is asking to lift the ban.

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Date published: Tuesday, January 10, 2017, 06:29 PM


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