Dhruva set new record in overseas market

Though overseas market is not a huge thing in the past, but now, it has become a big market for all the Telugu movies. Even small movies are gaining huge profits by releasing in overseas market. In that market, once a movie has released, they won't play it again. But Ram Charan's Dhruva has made a history by creating sensation even there also. Hollywood theatres has stopped playing Dhruva during Christmas season to play other films, but they replaying Dhruva again after 5 weeks. Ram Charan is the only hero who made this record.

Dhruva is directed by Surender Reddy and made a huge share of Rs 50 crores at the box office and became a milestone in Ram Charan's entire career. His dream of collecting 1 million in overseas has become finally true with Dhruva. Even in the 5th week Dhruva is playing in approximately 40 theaters and the film has already grossed Rs 1.5 million and gearing up to touch Rs 2 million in one more week.

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Date published: Monday, January 09, 2017, 03:17 PM


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