Roja praises Chiranjeevi

"The first movie I acted with Chiranjeevi is Muta Mesthri. In that film, 'Entha ghatu premayo' is our first song and after the song shooting, seeing our movements, Chiru's wife Surekha gave me a compliment as after Sridevi and Radha, Iam the only one who can dance competitively with Chiru," says Roja, the actress who turned politician and also big rivalry to Chiranjeevi in politics, in a recent interview.

She said that it was her my biggest compliment at that time. Nobody would have ever imagined that she would fight with that Chiranjeevi. "But politics does that. If we are working for one party, we will do anything to make our party work. Unfortunately, may be he would have shocked seeing my behaviour. We used to be so friendly and used to meet in some movie functions."

In a recent interview, she said, "He changes his face expressions, the moment I comes infront of him. He won't speak much with me. People who don't take everything to the heart are eligible to be in politics. Soft hearted people like Chiranjeevi are not fit for politics."

Roja and Chiranjeevi have acted in so many years and seen each other for many years. After a long time, she expressed her affection for Chiru once again.

Roja, MLA in YSR Congress Party said that Chiranjeevi has so much craze in Tollywood. We already know that on the occasion of Chiranjeevi's 150 th movie Khaidi No150 is going to be released on 11th of January, the team organised a pre-release event in Haailand.

On this note, talking about Chiranjeevi with media, Roja said, "Megastar Chiranjeevi is popular for his dance. Fans loved his fights in movies. Its really so exciting for Mega fans, as their dearest hero is making a grand comeback after so many years. I worked with him in Muta Mesthri, Mugguru Monagallu, Big Boss movies. He is my biggest competition in dance "

She added as, "In life, movies and politics are different. Chiranjeevi is a good person. In movies, he is always the best in dance, performance, fights and everything. Chiru is really the boss. I personally like his Aapadbandhavudu and Rudraveena movies so much. I really hope just like Khaidi became a blockbuster for him,and wholeheartedly, wish for its success."

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Date published: Monday, January 09, 2017, 12:54 PM


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