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Vijay Antony has scored sensational debut with the movie Bichagadu. The film was such a hit that audience has eagerly waited for his next film Bethaludu. This movie is directed by Pradeep which deals with ancestral past. Here is the review ...

Story :

Dinesh (Vijay Antony) is a senior software engineer who marries Aishwarya (Arundati Nair). When he thinks everything is going fine, some weird things started to happen. He hears some voice which blackmails him to do as said. Being troubled with this, Dinesh consults psychiatrist and after few tests they came to know that Dinesh in his ancestral past is Sharma.

He has a taunted past as his wife Jayalakshmi (Arundati Nair) kills him. Why has Jayalakshmi killed him. Why is she haunting him again. Who is Aishwarya. What is the voice that is being heard by Dinesh. How does Dinesh come out of all this mess. Answers to these questions will be answered onscreen.

Performances :

This is undoubtedly Vijay Antony's career best performance. While he showcased more seriousness in Bichagadu there are subtle variations in Bethaludu which he did to perfection. He has excelled in both the roles. 

Arundati Nair is a surprise package in this movie. What a riveting performance she has given in both the roles. She is outstanding. Others have done justice to their roles.

Technicalities :

Music and Background music by Vijay Antony stands out in the movie. He has given excellent RR in certain scenes. Director Pradeep should be commended by choosing such a different subject. He has dealt most of the movie in a convincing way.

Dialogues are simple and striking. Cinematography is okay. Editing is fine. Production values are top notch.

Analysis :

Vijay Antony has again shown his speciality by choosing different thriller. He is extremely good in doing serious roles and he once again trusted his positives. Bethaludu is different with the basic plot and director has intelligence by mixing past and present in an effective way.

Movie is interesting with many edge of the seat moments upto last 20 minutes. Right here, director has taken this movie to another genre which may not be liked by many. Director should have taken more care here. Overall, Bethaludu is a good one time watch for audience who like horror and thriller subjects.

PB Rating : 3/5

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Date published: Thursday, December 01, 2016, 04:57 PM
3.5 / 5 stars
vijay antony
pradeep nair
Music Director: vijay antony
Producer: s venugopal
Directed by: pradeep krishnamurthy
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