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Many aspiring filmmakers are flocking to the tinsel town to fulfil their dreams. A lot of young talent is flourishing in Tollywood and make it count with their hard work and determination. A group of hard working people have teamed up to bring a burning social in the form of a movie titled 7 to 4.

7 to 4 is the latest crime thriller which is based on the heinous atrocities that are happening on women in the present generation. Starring Raj Bala, Radhika Lowkya and Anand Bachu in the lead, the film was directed by Vijay Sekhar Sankranthi and produced under Milk Movies banner. Here is out review about this interesting film.

Story :

The story revolves around a young team who starts on a mission to hunt the miscreants who are assaulting women sexually and harassing them during their return journey from offices in Hyderabad. The entire story takes place during a single night from 7 to 4. The mission involves interesting twists and turns and how the batch of culprits get treated for their heinous crime activities on women. The scenes involving the torture given to the rapists have been handled pretty well.

Performances and technical values :

The entire cast that worked for this film are new to silver screen. Everyone did complete justice to their roles and performed with a lot of ease. Their Hyderabad accent is very impressive. The director should be credited for bringing some interesting scenes with a lot of authenticity by canning them in the farm houses and outskirts of the city. The cinematographer did a decent job to capture the scenes during night time. He used the dim light to a great effect and made the scenes look real. The major asset for the film is the music score given by Sneha Latha Murali. She gave a superb background score that suits the settings. The dialogues have been written neatly according to the context.

This type of crime thrillers need a taut screenplay and the director did a wonderful job in penning a gripping screenplay that keeps the audience interested on the proceedings. While giving a social message, the director showcased what serious consequences the offenders need to face for their wrongdoings. Some scenes which deal with the serious punishments have been handled very well. The production values are adequate and the makers have not compromised in bringing a quality output for the audience.

There are some drawbacks for the film. After setting up the story nicely in the first half with his gripping narration, the director failed to maintain the tempo in the second half. Some unnecessary characters take centre stage and the plot veers off with unnecessary scenes. The narration could have been better if not terrific. Also, some scenes in which the director showcased the serious treatment of the rapists will not go well with a certain section of audience.

Final Word :

Overall, 7 to 4 is a nice attempt to showcase the burning issuing of the present generation. The director handled the screenplay and thrilling elements very well, but failed to maintain the tempo till the end. An interesting first half and some thrilling elements in the second half are the plus points. The unfamiliar star cast and the lackluster climax are the liabilities for this crime thriller. Those who are fed up with routine commercial flicks can give this film a shot.

PB Rating : 2.75/5 

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Date published: Friday, April 01, 2016, 10:17 PM
2.75 / 5 stars
Anand Bachu
Raj Bala
Music Director: Smt. Snehalatha Murali
Producer: Milk Movies
Directed by: Vijay Sekhar Sankranthi
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