Tej I Love You Movie Review

Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej and Anupama Parameshwaran are back again with another interesting story Tej I Love You under the direction of Karunakaran. After Darling, the director is back again with this beautiful love story. The film is being produced by Creative Commercial Movie Makers banner by KS Rama Rao. The already released trailer and songs impressed the audience and finally, the film hit the screens. Let’s see whether it reached the expectations of the audience or not. 




Tej (Sai Dharam Tej) doesn’t have parents. He stays with his uncle (Jaya Prakash), aunty (Pavitra Lokesh). Unexpectedly, he goes to jail for saving a woman. Almost seven years imprisonment was announced by the court. She gives a black cheque to her husband and tell him to help the family of Tej, but he didn’t do that. After knowing the truth, their daughter Nandini (Anupama) decides to fulfil her mother’s wish. She comes to Hyderabad to help Tej and stays at her uncle (Prudhvi) house.  At that time, she met with an accident and loses her memory. The rest of the story is when will get her memory back and what happens to their love story. To get answers to all these questions one needs to watch the film. 




This is a pure love story. The female lead forgetting their love story forms the biggest twist. The entire second half runs based on that element. We can say that Sai Dharam Tej has never tried a different movie like this in his career. He gave his best in this performance-oriented role. Unlike his previous films which are completely commercial, Tej I Love You is a full-length love story. Especially, Mega nephews acting in the scenes where he teases the heroine, having fun with his sisters and emotional episodes have impressed the audience. Tej sure showed a lot of maturity in terms of acting. The chemistry between the leads worked out well. Anupama’s cute expressions helped a lot for the film. She also grabbed the attention with her performance. All the characters have equal importance in the film. 


Talking about the technical aspects,  the camera work acted as an asset for the film. Andrew showed his career-best work. Gopi Chander’s song is great. Some scenes became the highlight of the film with re-recording. S.R.Shekhar’s editing is sharp and the production values are rich. 


Karunakaran is one of the ace directors when it comes to love stories. He succeeded in delivering a good love story after a long time. When compared to his previous movies, he tried to bring out the best from the cast of Tej I Love You. He not only planned the love concept well but also executed it well. The family emotions played a key role in the film. He kick-started the movie with some funny scenes and gave a pleasant and fun ride for the audience. He also dealt with the climax well and ended the film on a happy note. He maintained the emotional backdrop consistently without dropping it. 


Final Verdict: 


Overall, Karunakaran gave a memorable love story for Tej. Movie lovers who enjoy love stories will definitely like the film. As the film has both emotional and fun scenes, it will impress a large category of audience. Finally, Tej I Love You is a worth-watching movie with the family.

PB Rating 3.25/5

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