Goodachari Movie Review

After Kshanam, Adivi Sesh’s market has increased and he worked hard for two years for his upcoming project, which titled as Goodachari. Even before its release, the trailer and teasers have raised the expectations and finally, the spy thriller hit the screens today. Let’s see whether it impressed the audience or not. The film is being produced by Abhishek Pictures.


Gopi Alias Arjun (Adivi Sesh) is the son of RAW employee Raghuveer (Jagapathi Babu). During one such operation, Raghu gets killed by a terrorist group and then Arjun grows up at his uncle Prakash Raj’s place. Then he decides to join in RAW at any cost and joins the Trinethra mission. At that time, he falls in love with Sobhitha. Unfortunately, he involves in a murder case and Trinethra starts searching for him. But Arjun starts a search for an investigation group. Then he came to know many shocking truths. The rest of the story is what is the truth and how he finds out.


It is undoubtedly, the best in Adivi Sesh’s career. He wrote this story in an interesting way and proved himself as an actor and writer. He really worked for it and it is quite visible on the screen. He has improved a lot as an actor and Sobhitha also looks good in it. It is definitely the best start for her into the TFI. The chemistry between the duo is fantastic. Prakash Raj did well in his role. Jagapathi Babu entered in the second half and steals the show. After a long gap, Supriya appeared on the silver screen and did an important role. Overall, the actor did well in their respective roles.

Technical Aspects:

They maintained high technical standards. Though there is no scope for Sricharan Pakala’s music, he did great in terms of re-recording. His work highlighted so many scenes and is the best. Shaneil Deo camera work is good. Every frame is really rich. Abburi Ravi’s dialogues are also nice. Rekha Boggarapu costumes are perfect and matched the scene. The sharp editing of Garry Bh is extraordinary. He made the film fast-paced. The production values are rich.


For every spy thriller, the story is important. Adivi Sesh’s story is with the RAW and terrorist backdrop. Though it is a known story, he dealt with it interestingly. He wrote the screenplay well. Director Sashi Kiran handled the story well and succeeded in engaging the audience. The trailer itself has caught the attention. We have seen so many spy thriller movies. But Goodachari is really special because of the twists in the film. Adivi Sesh worked really hard and wrote the action part well without increasing the budget. Vennela Kishore comedy is good and the twist he gives, in the end, is surprising. Madhu Shalini also played a vital role. Her character increases the curiosity from the start. Every twist is really thrilling.

Final Verdict:

On a whole, Goodachari is one of the best spy thrillers in the Tollywood. It will definitely impress all sections of the society, especially, the one who is fond of the action and spy thrillers.

PB Rating : 3.5/5

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