Chi La Sow Movie Review

Chi la sow is one of the much awaited films of recent times. The film features Sushanth as the main lead and it is being produced by Annapurna Studios. The film finally hit the screens, let’s see whether it reached the expectations or not.


The story starts with the introduction of main lead Arjun(Sushanth) who has a bad opinion on marriage and doesn’t believe in them. Shockingly he is forced to meet a girl whose name is Anjali (Ruhani Sharma) by his parents and he starts liking her. But because of her family problems, she lost interest in him and the rest of the story is how he woos her to get married.


This is first of its kind love story that haven’t tried by any director till now. Rahul has taken a simple story and presented in an interesting way. The best part of this film is the consequences that made them fall in love. It is definitely a good comeback for Sushanth and is a decent hit for him. This film again proved that he perfectly suits for this kind of love stories. Rahul Ravindran has showcased him quite well and actress Ruhani hog the limelight with her appearance and fantastic performance. She handled the situations in a balanced way and it will definitely liked by the audience. The chemistry between the duo is fantastic. Vennela Kishore proved his mettle once again as a comedian and his sense of humour is top notch.

But the biggest minus is the predictable love story and it won’t take much time for the audience to narrate the upcoming scenes as it is too way predictable. The interval bang can be a bit better.

Technical Aspects:

The production values are top notch and the cinematography is added advantage to the film. The music is good but the BGM is biggest plus to it. The dialogues completely steals the show and the production design and editing is good. Chinmayi dubbing is good and it is impressive debut for Rahul and quite remarkable. Though he missed in some scenes with predictable story but his unusual story telling is fantastic.

Final Verdict:

On a whole, the film is an unusual love story and an impressive debut for Rahul. This film will again reestablish Sushanth as an actor.

PB Rating : 3.5/5

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