Brand Babu Movie Review

Actors like Sumanth Shailendra and Eesha Rebba teamed up for the first time for an interesting film, which titled Brand Babu. Amidst huge expectations, the film has finally hit the screens and let’s see whether it impressed the audience or not.


Diamond Babu (Sumanth Shailendra) is the son of a rich businessman (Murali Sharma). He is obsessed with luxury brands. He falls in love with home minister’s daughter who has the same mentality. But surprisingly, he starts liking the maid in the house, who is Eesha Rebba. Then comes the twist in the story. The rest of the story is whether he leaves his obsession for luxury brands to get his love or will marry home minister’s daughter.

Plus points:

Sumanth Shailendra is the biggest plus of the film. He has come up with a decent performance and impressed the audience. He looks good on screen and the way he behaved as a guy obsessed with brands is quite interesting and rib-tickling. During emotional scenes, where he has to behave as a stone-hearted person, he completely steals the show. Eesha Rebba did well in her role and her acting skills are fantastic. Another heroine, Poojitha Ponnada looks beautiful and added glamor to the screen. Murali Sharma gave his best and the comedy scenes in this film will make the audience roll on floors laughing.

Minus points:

The director focused on the story but neglected the screenplay. It can be a bit better and with he failed to utilize the unique characterization of the hero to make it a grand success. During some scenes, the audience doesn’t have any emotional connection and get bored of it.

Techincal Aspects:

Director Prabhakar has taken an interesting story and presented it in an interesting way on screen. But he somewhat disappointed the audience with a half-baked screenplay. The music director impressed the audience and the BGM is at top notch. The production values are good and cinematography needs special mention in this film.

Final Verdict:

Overall, Brand Babu is the film of hero with unique and funny characterization. The audience will definitely like it, but the biggest disappointment is the few scenes in the second half and slow narration. Those who are looking for comedy entertainers then it is a must watch.

PB Rating : 3.25/5

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