A Budding Talent Agent from South!

As the new wave of cinema is setting a major breakthrough in Indian Cinema, not just with the content but also with the opportunities of various unexplored sectors. One such department is “Talent Agency”. How often do we listen to the term “Celebrity Agent” in the south Indian business? Not quiet often. But things have changed. This budding talent is proving his mettle and making some noise. Teja Prasad, currently working as a South Head in Runway lifestyle agency started off as an agent in Music business, himself being a musician has forayed into Movie business a couple of years back and building a very strong foundation. He is making his own mark with back to back projects to his kitty. Recently casted his talent as a leading lady in Shekar Kammula’s upcoming project and the other one which is grabbing all the attention is him entering into Bollywood. Yes, heard it right. Teja has launched south talent ‘Megha Akash’ as a leading lady in a film “Satellite Shankar”. Let’s wish him all the success.

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